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The Media & Religion programme is based at the Religioscope Institute. It will launch a range of general projects directed at specific geographical areas.

In the present context of concerns about events such as the vote on minarets in Switzerland (reflecting a similar situation in every other Western country), the emphasis of the first training projects will be on interaction between journalists from European countries and those from Muslim countries close to the European continent.

Every Media & Religion project includes a session in Switzerland and a session in one or more countries of the Muslim world where the invited journalists come from. The journalists will participate in sessions in both countries.

As opposed to a traditional seminar, Media & Religion programme seminars will attempt to combine the communication of knowledge with the gaining of first-hand practical experience. The seminars thus strive to be dynamic rather than static and practical rather than merely theoretical.

The objective of each project will go beyond ideological approaches. To achieve this, each project will also incorporate the contributions of field researchers able to highlight the complexity of real situations, not only the voices of religious actors themselves.

Photo credit: airport chapel, Zurich - © 2008 JF Mayer, Religioscope.