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General objectives of the programme

The general objective of the Media & Religion programme is to assist the development of transnational journalistic skills related to discussion and analysis of the role of religions in the contemporary world, combining a common training for Swiss journalists (and those from other Western countries) and journalists from other regions of the world.

Seminars conceived in a dynamic way will be held for small groups of carefully selected international journalists, which will lead to the production of articles.

These seminars will specifically aim for the promotion of exchanges among media actors from different geographical and cultural zones. They will also encourage the continuation of these exchanges in the long term, thus creating bridges that can later be useful in the carrying out of autonomous projects by these media actors.

Through these training programmes, a network of international links in the media world will be created, which the programme will endeavour to maintain.

Initiatives developed in other countries about raising the awareness of the media regarding religious realities and their impact on societies will be monitored (including the establishment of inter-media relations and participation in meetings on these issues).

The Media & Religion programme is directed towards providing practical experience and aims for concrete results. It also relies on academic contributions, but it is not a programme for academic education or permanent training in a classical sense.